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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Guerlain - Losing Control - WowGirls

Guerlain - Losing Control - 002Guerlain - Losing Control - 003
Guerlain - Losing Control - 004Guerlain - Losing Control - 006
Guerlain - Losing Control - 009Guerlain - Losing Control - 012

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In the set "Losing Control" Guerlain from WowGirls is by the window in her underwear and an oversized white shirt. Guerlain lets the shirt fall open to reveal her fit body – you can already see her hard abs! Then she pulls at her panties and bra, eventually pulling them off and poses naked in broad daylight!
The set "Losing Control" was released by WowGirls on 23.10.2012.
The rest of the preview pics for "Guerlain - Losing Control":
Guerlain - Losing Control - 001Guerlain - Losing Control - 005Guerlain - Losing Control - 007

Guerlain - Losing Control - 008Guerlain - Losing Control - 010Guerlain - Losing Control - 011
Full sets, hi-res pics and videos at WowGirls.com

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