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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Guerlain - Naked Hug Video 1080 Full HD - WowGirls

WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 01WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 02

WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 03WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 04

WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 05WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 06

WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 07WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - 08
Free Preview video at WowGirls.com:
WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - b2     WowGirls - Guerlain - Naked Hug Video - b3

In the WowGirls video 'Naked Hug' featuring Guerlain scenes include:
  • Guerlain from starts off lounging around with her friend Madonna outdoors in the sunshine.
  • They start to get frisky and stroke each other all over.
  • Guerlain pulls Madonna’s bikini to down and strokes her tits.
  • Incredible high-res video of Madonna’s nipples as Guerlain pulls on them!
  • Guerlain unties Madonna's bikini bottoms and lets them drop off…
  • Madonna slowly removes Guerlain's bikini top.
  • Guerlain drips water from an ice cube on Madonna’s tits then teases her by rubbing it on her nipples!
  • They rub their nipples together and melt the rest of the ice cube.
  • Guerlain lies back and stretches as the water falls down her chest
  • Madonna teases Guerlain with the ice-cube and water right down to her panties with a long slow close up of Guerlain’s wet see-through panties!
  • Madonna slowly pulls off Guerlain’s panties and rubs her all over as guerlain writhes in pleasure!
The video 'Naked Hug' was released by WowGirls on 27.01.2012.
Full HD 1080p video at WowGirls.com

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