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Friday, October 26, 2012

Lily C - Calor Pics - Met-Art

Lily C - Calor - Cover

Lily C - Calor - 01Lily C - Calor - 02

Lily C - Calor - 04

Lily C - Calor - 08

Lily C - Calor - 07Lily C - Calor - 05
Full sets, hi-res pics and videos at Met-Art.com:
In the set "Calor" Lily C from Met-Art is outdoors in the dessert in the blazing heat with just a see-through blue sarong! Very hot photos – you can see the sweat forming on the muscles of her sexy back! Lily C also squats down in the sand, gives some great photos fully naked from the front and back then plays around on the sandy floor!
The rest of the free preview pics for "Lily C - Calor":
Lily C - Calor - 03Lily C - Calor - 06Lily C - Calor - 09

 Lily C - Calor - 11Lily C - Calor - 10

Lily C - Calor - 12
Full sets, hi-res pics and videos at Met-Art.com

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