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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Guerlain - Erotic Splash 1080 Full HD Video - 18OnlyGirls


Free Preview video at 18OnlyGirls.com:

Incredible video of Guerlain naked and wet all over in Full HD video with perfect detail! In the video 'Erotic Splash' Guerlain from 18OnlyGirls s horny in the shower! Guerlain starts off in a see through very short, see-though dress! The Erotic Splash Video includes the following scenes:
  • Guerlain touching herself up all over in her short dress, diving glimpses of her tits, pussy and ass
  • Slow close-ups of Guerlain’s pussy as she pulls her dress up
  • Guerlain putting her hands down her top and caressing her tits
  • Long close-up of Guerlain’s tits with her massaging them slowly
  • Guerlain in the shower with her dress on but pulled down from her tits
  • Showering with her wet see-through dress, partially naked
  • Guerlain arched back with exposed tits with water showering all over
  • Close up of her ass with her wet dress hiked up and water showering all over
  • Close up of her pussy with her wet dress hiked up and water showering all over
  • Guerlain lets her wet dress drop to the floor and gives more tantalising views wet and full naked in the shower!
The 1080 Full HD Video 'Erotic Splash' was released by 18OnlyGirls on 31.12.2011.

 Full HD 1080p video at 18OnlyGirls.com

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